Future projects

Although we achieved significant progress in 2006 and 2007 across the whole of our service, we will continue to innovate as much as possible and provide a high quality of service to young people in 2008-2009. Some of the initiatives in the pipeline include:

Heart to Hardship:
A project where young people from developed countries can work with the deprived and disadvantaged young children throughout the world. The aim of the project for privileged children of developed countries to learn about the lives of underprivileged children of third world countries. Young children can extend their hearts to the needy people and learn how to work on humanitarian issues.

Our Small Village:
This is an international programme mainly targeting the poor villages in Bangladesh. This is an endeavour of Bangladeshi young people who are second generation in UK or came to this country very early stage from rural areas. The programme mainly focuses on environmental issues, such as sanitation and water supply. Bangladesh Scouts is one of the partners of this programme. Children of Bangladesh Scouts identify a village which desperately need help, awareness and educating on environmental issues. They then will work in conjunction with local government officers and officials. We hope that young people in Bangladesh will take an active role to deliver this programme and young people in UK will find the sponsors to support the project. Already, one pilot project has very successfully been completed and the success of the project been televised on a Boishaki TV channel. (Please see the video on our webpage www.clyd.co.uk.

Share to Care:
Following the success of our pilot project, we are planning to develop a full health programme by setting up an experienced Patients’ Group, a Youth Champions’ Team and a Community Volunteers Group to work on the healthy programme. We have been designing the programme in such a way that health issues can be more beneficial and more attractive to the people of diverse backgrounds so that we can reduce health inequalities.

We have decided to develop a Scouting programme for the young people of diverse backgrounds. The aim of the programme is to develop young people physically, mentally, socially and also on a spiritual level, all of which will be very beneficial in their abilities to play constructive roles in society. The programme will combine informal education with practical outdoor activities, including backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing, and various other sports. Through this programme young people will get opportunities to take part in overnight activities including camping and overseas trips. Mr Keith Duggan from Gateway Primary school has kindly offered the use of school premises free of charge in order to carry out many of our indoor activities and for weekly meetings. Participants will all be provided with the traditional Scout uniform, which intends to hide the differences in the social standing of individuals within a country and marking for equality, with neckerchief and campaign hat or comparable head wear.

Speak When Ur Spoken 2:
Following the successful publication of our two newsletters ‘Our Choice, Our Life’, young people were encouraged to publish a book containing their writings. In that context they have been working very hard to have a taste of their creativeness in media world. They have also enhanced their researching abilities, developed their designing ideas and have learnt how different aspects of a media attract different audiences.