CLYD always reviewing and developing its services according to the needs of the young people. If you would like to see new activities in clyd that would help and aid the youth please complete the comments form under the contact us section.

  • Supplementary education:
  • Youth Ambassador Programme:
  • Bring Your Drink:
  • Share to Care:
  • Youth Zone:
  • Our Choice, Our Life:
  • Life Behind Bars:
  • Faith Culture in Diversity:

Supplementary education:
The supplementary education programme is one of our groundbreaking endeavours. For almost three years we have been run this programme at Quintin Kynaston School. This three-year programme has been supported by the Big Lottery Fund. Every Saturday from 10am to 1pm we run this programme. One mainstream Maths teacher, one Science teacher and one English teacher have been supporting Key Stage 3 and 4 students to achieve better results. This project supports children from diverse backgrounds and has become a very popular programme. Each year more than 40 children are getting this support and doing very well in their exams. Through this programme we are not only supporting the children; we also organise parents’ meetings to increase parental skills and their involvement in their children’s education. With our current funding situation we are able to continue this very worthwhile service for the disadvantaged children and communities until September 2008. We are currently looking for further resources to continue this in future.

Youth Ambassador Programme:
The Youth Ambassador programme is one of our major initiatives. Through this programme we help young people to become ambassadors for their own community and people of their own background. They receive support to build their confidence and leadership skills. Initial funding for this programme came from the Home Office and it is continuing on a voluntary basis. This is an unique model where the Youth Ambassador will work with their own peer group and encourage them to be involved in community development initiatives. We need more resources to support young people to share their own skills and knowledge and participate in community development processes.

Bring Your Drink:
Last summer we organised a special family health programme targeting disadvantaged families. The programme was design to encourage physical activities in a very informal structure, as well as participation, integration and promotion of social interaction between young people and adults. This proved to benefit all participants in terms of improving mental health and enhancing their social skills, as well as improving their physical wellbeing. The relationship between parents and children was further strengthened through the participation in the exercise sessions as they provided one another with constant motivation. More than 80 children enrolled and subsequently benefited.

Share to Care:
The Share to Care Health Improvement Project has provided a crucial link between mainstream health service provision and vulnerable young people and adults. The impact of this has been the development of a number of initiatives making innovative use of existing resources. These include health exercises, healthy food, swimming and gym access in order to promote better health and improved access for young people as well as disadvantaged women. One of the most successful initiatives however, has been the women and children swimming sessions. More than 120 women and young children are participating in this programme.

Youth Zone:
This was a pilot project, which targeted young people from refugee backgrounds who were struggling to enter the job market or further education. Through this project we have recruited 10 people from refugee communities who participated in our work shadowing scheme to build up their skills and confidence. Again it was also a very successful programme: some of the young people went onto further education and some of them secured jobs. The pilot programme was supported by a Home Office grant, and we hope to secure further funding so this successful project can continue.

Our Choice, Our Life:
This programme gave young people the opportunity to explore and experience the world of the media. It began with group sessions which encouraged many different youths from multicultural backgrounds and experiences to come together and share their ideas. The sessions allowed the young people to offer each other support on specific ideas, and inspire each other to elaborate and share their experiences through spoken words and eventually in articles in order to complete the newsletter. Approximately 50 young people directly worked on it, and to date two newsletters have been produced and published.

Life Behind Bars:
This brilliant open-minded conference was organised in conjunction with HM Prison Services. Young people from Muslim communities were given the advantage of getting a good insight into prison life as a Muslim, as well as coping with social integration and how to deal with problems wisely. There was also special focus on young Muslims in prison, their experiences and what they would advise other young people who find themselves in similar situations. Muslim priests of along some other scholars share their views, opinions and experiences with young people. The programme, conducted during the month of Ramadan, was very successful.


Faith Culture in Diversity:
This project had a very positive outcome as it involved individuals from different religions to come together and share their similarities and celebrate their differences. Scholars from different religions were invited to come together in a conference and share their views about the foundations of their religion, how they are similar to others and also their differences. This provided the opportunity to rectify any misconceptions that the young people may have developed. Time for questions was also included in the programme and the atmosphere was kept very positive. The main aim of the programme was to reduce ignorance and promote respect and positive attitudes. Seventy-one young people and seven scholars from different religions participated in the event.