About us

Central London Youth Development Trust was setup in 1996 by a collection of young people. An organisation which is about initiating projects for young people and managed by young people, including the development of a wide voice for young people. It is about ensuring that the activities developed will increase inspiration, motivation, interest and responsibility in areas of interest to young people. Activity is focussed on supporting young people in the often difficult transition from childhood to adulthood. Our priorities mostly assert to support those vulnerable young people who experience deprivation and disadvantage and have barriers to participate in social and economical activities.

We normally consult the young people those who are many ways left out from the statutory service provisions and identified as hard to reach group. Our target group is the minority ethnic children those who are educationally, socially or economically disadvantaged in the community.

CLYD's Uniqueness

  • We are specific task based organisation and directly involved with promoting social behavior, increasing aspiration and ensuring youth participation

  • We work with those who have been rejected traditional building-based recreational activities.

  • We promote social behavior of young people to defuse their anti social conduct

  • We recognize young people is a body of experience and knowledge unique to their own situation

  • We consult , valued and explore young peoples views and ideas in all of our performances

  • We recognize young people are the social actors with skills and capacities to bring about constructive resolutions to their own problems

  • We give young people a sense of ownership of the organisation

  • We comprehend them as an integral part of our management and engage them to participate any decision making process

Our vision

To create a social framework for the young generation in an acceptable manner and formulate a robust body of young challengers for constructive resolution of their own situations

Misson statement

Our mission is to provide effective support to achieve excellence by promoting social behaviour of young generation of ethnic minorities who are many ways excluded and at risk. To Increase their aspiration by engaging, supporting, informing and encouraging them to participate in social matters.

Our aims and objectives

  • To represent the means for young people through which they may take part in and influence processes, decision and activities in order to achieve justice, influence outcomes, expose abuses of power and realise their rights

  • To challenge traditional attitudes towards young people and engage them in strengthening participatory democracy

  • To promote the welfare of young people leads to a call to listen to them and work with them to increase their aspirations